Sistética is a company with 16 years of experience in the contract furniture sector. We are prepared to execute projects anywhere in the world, using the most advanced technologies combined with a minimalist design and unquestionable quality. We provide a personalized work taking into account functionalities, aesthetics and each client’s atmosphere.
For us, “the client is the future” and this will always be so.


Sistética is a family company founded in 1994 with the sole purpose of marketing office furniture. Two years later, Sistetica also began to work with contract equipment, with the release of already well advanced contemporary and minimalist lines.
After 16 years, Sistetica has become a reputable company, equipping renowned works including hotels, banking, state and private works as you will be able to see in our portfolio.


Sistética has been committed to providing all its clients a serious work based on the deep roots of a healthy and honest formation in which people will always come first.

For us, "the client is the future" and this will always be so.